WÖRCC is moving the needle on the consumer experience of the female offroad cyclist.

We hold events in markets across the US, collecting valuable data from women of dirt, and synthesizing our findings into a report for the offroad cycling industry. We:

  • Support the female consumer by soliciting feedback from this growing market segment, analyzing the data, and delivering a report to industry leaders.
  • Uncover industry opportunities and provide substantiated data on how to market to this growing audience.
  • Deliver insight to manufacturers and other industry stakeholders on how to reach and capitalize on the potential of this market segment.

Founder's Message: The Trouble With Ladies' Night

Early in my efforts to become a cyclist, I learned that I don’t love Ladies’ Night at the bike shop. At best, these events were good networking opportunities. At their worst, I felt pressure to open my wallet in exchange for free wine and chocolate. For me, the trouble was this: they were not truly moving the needle on my experience as an off-road cyclist.

Fast forward to 2016: Together with my husband, I own Sports Garage Cycling. Founded in 1994, it is now the only 100% dirt-focused shop in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to my experiences on the trail, I have a front row seat for the retail experience – and it’s been a little surprising to learn firsthand how many women feel intimidated or marginalized by the bike shop experience.

Women’s Off-Road Cycling Congress began as our shop’s desire to offer women a different kind of Ladies’ Night, with a different value paradigm. It became a mission to create the kind of focused, and segment- and audience-specific grassroots market research that our industry needs to move the needle on industry health.

– Elorie Slater

Meet the WÖRCC Team

Elorie Slater

Executive Director and Founder
  • Years on a mtb: 10
  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Great mtb experience: Guatemala
  • Life off the bike: mom to teenagers, bike shop owner, industry visionary, undercover pastry chef

Susan Preiss

Marketing and Content Strategist
  • Years on a mtb: 25
  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Great mtb experience: riding through the aspens in Crested Butte
  • Life off the bike: small business owner, copywriter, fledgling artist, dog lover

Nancy Depke

Art Director
  • Years on a mtb: 2
  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Great mtb experience: podium finish in first MTB race ever
  • Life off the bike: graphic designer, artist, mother of three, badass betty

We don’t just wave pompoms - we get it done.

Insights delivered in our last report:

Women are asking for equal bike gear and options as men and express frustration when ‘women’s’ product is underspec’ed relative to ‘men’s’.

Our feedback reveals a critical need for employee training that includes best practices for selling to women. Bike shop employee attitude and behavior was often cited as the reason for having a negative impression of bike shops.

After achieving a certain skill level, women want to continue to challenge themselves and are looking for ways to share experiences and learn from one another. Many resources in the media target beginners.

Women are to learn how to do more on their bikes by attending clinics. They are especially seeking all-women and women-led events with skills coaching and pre-riding race courses.

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