Details and frequently asked questions about WÖRCC


What is WÖRCC all about?

  • The WÖRCC initiative is creating the most robust collective voice for female offroad cyclists.  Women of all experience levels, across the country, are joining an authentic dialogue and informing the industry – retailers, manufacturers, media, and event planners –  about how to better meet our unique needs.

Why does it need to exist?

  • Many women feel marginalized by the retail bike experience. WÖRCC provides focused, and segment- and audience-specific grassroots market research that our industry needs to move the needle on industry health.


What do the events cost?

  • Event costs vary by location but are generally between $7 and $15. Our aim is to minimize the cost to participants so that cost is not prohibitive to your attendance. The registration fee is used to offset the cost of event amenities.

How is my input collected?

  • Your input is collected a variety of ways including via:
    • Pre-event survey
    • Text messages during the event
    • Input collected by the breakout session leaders

Will I be able to see the report?

  • Absolutely! All participants are sent a link to the annual report when it is published.

What does the report cost?

  • The report is free.

Who can participate?

  • Any person who identifies as a female off-road cyclist is welcome to join us at a WÖRCC session and provide feedback.

Retail Partners

How can my shop get involved?

  • Contact us to discuss the possibilities of bringing a WÖRCC session to your area.

What does it mean to be a WÖRCC retail partner?

  • By becoming a WÖRCC retail partner you are showing email off-road cyclists in your area that you support them and want to give them a voice to the industry.    You also have the full support of our a nationwide movement to create an event that authentically engages women in your sphere of influence.